In the previous post, we discussed how to get started in ALttPR.  This post answers the question: "Okay, I've turned on the game...what do I do first?"

The C-Shape

There's a ton of different ways you can begin in ALttPR.  You could go almost any direction, find items, and go elsewhere, skipping big parts of the map and making risky plays — but when you're a beginner, it's nice to be able to fall back on something that's going to give you a bunch to work with and is going to be systematic: you can do the same thing each time and, though you'll get different items, you'll usually be able to do a few things afterwards.

My personal favorite way of doing ALttPR openings, as well as one I teach beginners, I call the C-Shape.  By no means do I claim that this is the best opening, or even a good opening: it is an opening which you can systematically check items from most parts of the world and get a fairly good starting array of items so that you can plan where to go next.

Let's look at the map.

ALttP Map, Light World

We're going to draw a weird shape (which I thought, at first, looked like a "C", but realistically it's just a weird smudge).  Then we're going to talk about what it is and what it means.

ALttP Map, Light World with "C-Shape"

Not much of a "C", huh?  Whatever, let's keep going.  Note that I've color-coded parts of this to discuss below, but this is one single path that you do in (hopefully) one life without saving and quitting.

The C-Shape Opening

You'll do a few things here.  I'll enumerate them and go into more detail below.

  1. Start at your house.  There is one chest inside, so get it.
  2. Go to the Sanctuary.  This is the upper-middle of the map, and the beginning of the RED part of the C-shape.  There's one chest here.
  3. Follow the RED path and go into the Lost Woods.  There is a chest where you drop in the middle of 9 bushes, and an item slightly north-west of that in plain sight.  Do your best here.
  4. Go out of the Woods (there are a few exits, find one which goes south and into Kakariko Village.  There are a number of things to do which we'll talk about below.  
  5. Follow the PURPLE path downward — if you can lift this big rock (i.e., if you have the power glove) then pick it up.  If not, go up to your house and then down.  You want to end up at the little shrine-looking thing which is surrounded by water (lower-middle of map).
  6. When you get to that Shrine thing you'll need to do two things: go in and move the blocks so you get the chest, then exit and re-enter and move the blocks so you can go into the next room.  Pull the lever on the right so that you can drain the water around this place.  Go outside and to your left you'll find an item in plain sight.
  7. Follow the PINK path now.  Before you get to the water, you'll see a bombable wall.  This is the trickiest part of the C-Shape since, inside that wall, you'll fight five mini-moldorms.  They're not too tricky, but it is easy to die here.  If you do, go to your house and go south-east to try again.  You'll net a whopping five treasures here if you get the chests and talk to the man in the next room.
  8. Go around the south-east part of the map, and go up.  You'll see a bunch of crabs and those guys hurt so watch out.  You'll see a bombable wall next to a cave entrance and above a big rock: bomb it!  There is one chest inside.

That's it, that's the C-Shape.  The big part of this we left out was Kakariko, so let's go over that here:

Kakariko Village.  This one is a big one, so if you get a bit confused you might want to check out this post here that shows pictures of where some chests are.

First, you're going to need bombs for the C-Shape.  I'll assume you've explored Kakariko a bit before this and know vaguely where things are (if not, do this!).  If you haven't gotten bombs yet, then you can purchase them at the south part of town for 50 rupees.  If you don't have that, you're going to have to fight some stuff or pick up a bunch of pots and try to get it.

Once you have bombs, you're going a few places:

  1. Into the well in the upper-left side of the village (it looks like a square hole you can fall into) which gives you four chests;
  2. Into the grass-covered house and into the basement will net you five chests;
  3. To the salesman sitting outside if you have 100 rupees;
  4. Into the sweeping woman's house and bombing the wall will give you an additional one chest;
  5. Into the top of the long building (you can't see the top) and you'll get another chest.
  6. If you do the racing game south of town (it's easy to do once you've done it once) you'll get one more item.

In total, including Link's house, you'll get 23 items, which is a good start since there's a good chance that one or more of these will be progression items.  Note that there is other low-hanging fruit around, it just isn't close to the C-Shape so we exclude it for now.

Modifications to the C-Shape

There are a few modifications you can make if you're feeling up to it.

  • You can check lumberjack's cave right after Sanctuary to see what the item is.  If it's a progression item, you're going to need to fight Aga 1.  I'll talk about this in a later post.
  • You can check the desert old man.  While on your way south of Kakariko, go into the desert and up to the upper-right corner.  You'll see a cave.  Go in here, bomb the bombable wall, and you'll get a sweet, sweet chest.
  • Instead of going around the southern part of the map, I've seen some runners go over to Eastern Palace (on the central-eastern side of the map) and down into a hut that's around the western part of the maze to get to the palace.  Our favorite old man, Sahasrahla, is inside — bombing the back will get you three chests.
  • The reason for going around the Southern part instead of Eastern is covered in the next part, but it requires a trick: fake flippers.  This is, in my opinion, the one trick every runner should learn and get good at.  It opens up a few things: checking Lake Hylia (never forget!), the hobo under the bridge, and early access to Zora (if you have the 500 rupees somehow) and Zora's domain's waterfall which you can get if you have the Moon Pearl (which is a strange quirk of the game we'll go into).  Total, you can get four items here and check one item; in practice, it depends on if you have the cash or Moon Pearl.  This is one part of the game where, as a beginner, you can make a judgment call on if you want to check this part or go up to Eastern.

In the next post, we'll go over some glitches you can do to enhance the C-Shape (see the last point above), as well as some other checks you can do after this which are excellent early-game checks regardless of what you have.