I'm James.  I work as a data scientist and software person in a bright lights big city.  I'm into a lot of stuff but it's all the usual stuff so imagine that stuff and it'll probably overlap with my stuff.

What are some things I can expect from this blog?

I have some niche interests that I probably will post about more often than others.  Here are some of them.

  • Math (I did topology and algebra but I like other things)
  • Data
  • Dachshunds
  • Programmin' Tools and Data Analytics Tools
  • Case Studies in Data Analytics
  • Python (the language, maybe the snake)
  • Link to the Past Ranomizer
  • Video Game Randomizers In General
  • Etymology
  • Goals and Goal-Organizing
  • Personal betterment (but not the "everyone is a winner" posts from Linkedin)
  • Financial Independence and Financial Planning for every kind of income
  • NES Games
  • Minimizing things (which doesn't mean living like a monk)

If you like or hate any of these things, cool.  I might write about them.

Can I Support You Or Your Blog?

There's two main ways you can support me but only if you have some weird, wild craving to help out someone.

  • You can donate to me personally via Stripe below.  Payments will go to covering server costs for the year (around \$60, Digital Ocean hosted Ghost droplet — \$5/mo).  

    After server costs are paid up, the rest of the donations will be donated to charity; for 2020, the charity is https://worldtoilet.org/ (it's more important than you might think; check out Rose George's The Big Necessity for an overview of the subject).
  • You can donate directly to my favorite charity Midwest Dachshund Foundation http://mwdr.org/success-stories.  These little wiener dogs need help, and you can help them.  :']